Canon Hand Strap E2

Since I hold the camera always in my hand while sightseeing or photographing and I simply don’t like the neck strap, i wanted to have a Hand Strap. Canon offers its own Strap with the Canon E2 Hand Strap. I’m using it on my EOS 600D. It is pretty good manufactured, very adjustable and seems durable. BUT, with my hand size (i would say, medium?) the camera is usable, but not so well usable. You can reach all functions on the back with one hand and also the trigger is good reachable, but adjusting the exposure or the aperture can be a bit like gymnastics for your fingers.  I don’t want to say its not worth the money, because if you use it on a 5D MKIII or a 7D it fits very well, but  for the 600D its not perfect.


Hand Strap E2 on EOS 600D, side


Hand Strap E2 on EOS 600D


Hand Strap E2 on EOS 600D,


Hand Strap E2 on EOS 600D, side


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