Frequency Measurement of Vienna

Update2: Because of the massive amount of traffic I received I had to disable the live measurement and block some IPs who where causing my server to slow down…

Update: Here are the measurements from the 20. of March, the day of the solar eclipse. And as you can see the grid operators were well prepared. The frequency was actually less fluctuating than the days before.

Frequency Measurements of the 18., 19. and 20. of March 2015

Today I decided to take again online my grid frequency measurement unit. In some days there will be a solar eclipse in Europe and maybe we will notice a slight fluctuation of the frequency during the eclipse. If it will be a sunny day, the shadow of the moon will race over the ground and will switch of the PV plants in Europe. The installed PV generation in Europe is according to this LINK 81,5 GW. But the overall installed power is more that 1300 GW.  So a black out will not happen.

But so far, have fun:


The grid frequency is a very important measurement factor of the grid. In the electric grid, the balance between generation and demand, due to the lack of a high number of storage, have to be equal at every time. The frequency is a performance indicator in which state this balance is. Lower than 50 Hz the generation is less than the demand, and vice versa. The frequency is therefore used to adapt the power output of power plants to the demand.

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