Night Fox – Night Sky Photography Shutter Speed Calculator Android App

EDIT: Dropbox recently closed the public folder system where I store my camera database. Therefor the app was crashing while updating the database. I fixed this issue and the new version 1.3.0 is going live now.

Due to the overall great response and the high number of mails from users of my Shutter Speed Calculator i’m glad to announce here: Night Fox – Shutter Speed Calculator for Android!

The App features a simple interface to input your camera, your focal length and the tolerance in pixels. After that you can simply hit the calculate button and read the suggested speeds.

If you cannot find your camera in the list, simply write me an email or leave a comment. I can add cameras live and you just have to hit the “Download Camera File” Button to load the newest definition data.┬áIf you enjoy the app, please leave a comment and help me improve the interface and the user experience!

You can get the app for free from here:
Get it on Google Play


If you want to learn more about how it works, check out my two other posts:

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